Our knowledge is still limited to thoroughly elucidate the mechanism of Chinese medicine

On the website of Offbeat Oregon History, there is a page introducing "Doc” Hay, Oregon's pioneer Chinese herbalist", with a subtitle Settlers in John Day in the late 1800s learned the healer of Kam Wah Chung could cure diseases others couldn't; all his patients survived the fatal Spanish Flu epidemic in 1919. This healer is the Chinese herbalist “Doc” Hay.

In the article, it wrote: Other doctors, of course, were very jealous and tried to have him prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license….. The problem was, no jury in Grant County would convict him. For them, his record was license enough.

Hundred years has passed, some physicians still prohibit their patients try Chinese herbs with excuses like “There is no scientific proof” or “That is just psychological effect” even they are unable to help their patients. Meanwhile, some patients refuse Chinese medicine because they worry about the safety and not sure about their efficacy.

Chinese medicines have been widely applied for thousands of years. It has made great contribution to the prosperity of Chinese over the world. Where is Chinese, there is Chinese medicine. The preventative and therapeutic efficacies of Chinese medicine proved by countless people are much more convincible than results obtained from laboratory and animal experiments.

Our inability to well explain some of the mechanisms of Chinese medicine currently is not because Chinese medicine is too old. It is because our knowledge about human body and diseases are still limited so far.

In fact, most of the research results on herbs performed by scientists over the world using modern chemical, biological and pharmacological methods in the past decades have supported the functions of Chinese herbs. And more and more results coming out every year are helping explore the therapeutic mechanisms of herbs and acupuncture.

Starting from today, We will introduce Chinese medicine with modern terminologies to help you know how to prevent and treat diseases and maintain health with integration of Eastern and Western medicine.

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